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It was 3am Wednesday morning and the coach was filled with excitement as our transition year students departed Carlow. It was 7am when the group of 57 excited students boarded the plane as they set off on a trip they would never forget. Our group arrived in Milan at 12pm where the students roamed the streets of Milan in the wet weather as they were fascinated by the wealth of the Capital and the numerous designer shops that were to be seen. The next day took them to the beautiful city of Verona the home of Romeo and Juliet the famous Shakespherean star crossed lovers. The group went on a boat ride around the town of Sirimeone In Lake Garda as they looked up at the ancient castles and cathedrals. They explored the gladiator auditorium which was located in the heart of the city. The group were fascinated by the colourful streets and especially the fabulous Gelato!

The third day led the group to a beautiful Gondola ride through the city of Venice where the group was amazed by the stunning cathedrals and statues that were to be seen. The group enjoyed a guided tour around these historic sites and were fascinated by the layout of these beautiful cathedrals.

The final day led the group to Gardaland, a theme park situated in Lake Garda region. The group enjoyed a fun filled last day as they enjoyed the thrilling rides with their friends and got to see the city from a higher perspective.

The students enjoyed a fun filled tour, full of ice-cream, pizza and fun! Many thanks to Iníon Ní Bhriain, Máistir Ó Cuimín, Máistir Ó Laochra, Iníon Nic Craith, Iníon Ní Fhearíl and a special word of thanks to Caroline who managed to mind 40 bags and hats whilst students enjoyed the theme park!